Don’t Pay Me for this Painting

So, I created this painting.  I was planning on making copies of it and selling it to thousands of people.  I was going to make small refrigerator magnets with it so the joy could spread.  Every time you’d head to the fridge to make yourself a chicken salad sandwich you’d see this little painting, have … Read more


Audio Version of “Mister Koon”

I wrote this weird story awhile back.  Just recently had my good and talented friend Tony Mayer record it in audio form.  I’d call it a monologue, because it’s one person talking, but it’s really too long to be a staged monologue (or maybe not, I don’t know how good your audience’s attention span is…but … Read more


Monologue Made into Film: Russian Roulette

I wrote this monologue many years ago.  It won the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Rising Phoenix Award… which is impressive to me, because I never attended the UW-GB. A couple years back someone contacted me, wanted to make a film version of the monologue.  I rewrote it as a film script (link below).  This film … Read more