Short Story Challenge

So, I posted that I’ll write a short story for the first 3 people to request one on the Facebook.  All I need is a suggestion and a genre. I’ll post the stories here if they’re any good.  I hope this is a fun/good idea.  


Venture Theatre Character Death Totals

Venture Theatre was a theatre I opened and ran from 2005 – 2009.  We did original scripts and I got to work with some of the greatest most creative writers, directors, actors, and crew that I’ve ever worked with.  We also had a fair amount of characters killed off.  Here’s a list and the method … Read more


Bad Stories for Bad Children

I’ve got a handful of weird stories about bad/weird kids who end up having terrible things happen to them.  A lot of them are eaten or otherwise disfigured.  The plan is to put them into a collection of stories called “Bad Stories for Bad Children”, which is a catchy title, but not as accurate as … Read more