Poem: “The Old Lion”

The Old Lion sits as old lions do in his cave – secluded and hidden from view.   Out of Pride and necessity choice and chance solitude of his own making and circumstance.   Free to roam, but never venturing forth. He stares at the stars, and remembers their birth.    


The Moment of Our Last Kiss

Last week Friday I posted a song “The Moment Before We Kissed” this is the bookend song to that one.  They’re both from “DreamBound” a musical that I hope to post here in it’s entirety sometime in the next year ‘er so. This is easily the saddest song I’ve ever written.  Wonderfully composed and sung … Read more


Dream Interpretation and a Song

I had a dream last night.  Well, technically I have dreams every night.  Did you know that?  That everyone has like 5 – 8 dreams every night, but we barely remember them at all.  You’ve got to be waken up during it to remember.  Fun fact.  Keep reading for more fun facts. Did you know … Read more


New Bad Story for Bad Children

I really like these little stories.  They all revolve around the kids of the same family (the Mulligans), and they all end badly for the kids.  Silly and dark at the same time.  This one is #7.  In fairness of full disclosure, I don’t know how many are going to be in this series.  And, … Read more


Robot Gives Heart

I bought a used scanner today off of Craigslist and had plans of scanning drawings I’ve made for your delight.  Technology, however, has slowed my momentum.  Anyone know how to make an HP scanjet 4570c work?  There’s something wrong with the loading of the software.  The computer says; “An unexpected error occurred in the application: … Read more


Bubblegum Lady

This is #5 in a series of paintings.  “Dames Drinking Hootch”  So far it’s #5 of 5, but we don’t know how many will ultimately be in the series.  I know I’ve got at least two more planned.  This particular one I’ve temporarily titled “Bubblegum Lady”. We did this one after taking a long hiatus, … Read more