“Orson” Chapter 2

To call this a “chapter” is generous.  It’s only a page long.  But, hey, who says how long a chapter has to be?  I like to read Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  and many of his later books have chapters that are only a paragraph long, or a sentence even… not that I’m comparing myself to Kurt … Read more


Then Her Eyeball Fell Out

This is #6 in the series of “Bad Stories for Bad Children”  (I believe they are randomly and non-sequentially numbered.)   There’s a partial spoiler in the title. Then Her Eyeball Fell Out  


What was the point??

About 3 1/2 years ago a couple things happened simultaneously.  I turned 40 and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me.  Guess which one hurt more? The break-up still haunts me to this day.  Every other previous relationship I’d had either broke up because I did something stupid and/or detrimental, or I had … Read more


Let’s try a different Novel

Hello Friends.   So, a little while back I made a weak stab at the “Write a Novel in a Month” thing for the month of November. I made it two and a half days in… like I said.. weak stab. The main problem was the start.  It’s like stumbling on the starting blocks, really … Read more


Beer and Boardgames: Prank Call

In the continued posting of the episodes of “Beer and Boardgames” I’ve been on, here’s this fun one.   In my life I’ve had the opportunity to do prank calls before, but this is the only documented one.  It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. The game that we play kinda sucks, but … Read more


Sleep Tips, with just a dash of racism.

Years back I saw an infomercial with my pal Matt Sloan.  It was for Dr. Sobakowa’s Sleep Pillow.  The pillow was filled with buckwheat husks, which were apparently more comfortable (?)  Also offered in the commercial were “Doctor Sobakowa’s Sleep Tips”. It was late, we were most likely drinking, either way laughed ourselves into fits … Read more


“Cupid” day 2

Second day in, and it’s already a problem keeping up.  It would help if I had some idea where the story was going.  I did create a terrible character name “Chance Worthington”… sounds like a name from a romance novel. Also, not sure the tone of the book either.  Based on a couple humorous moments … Read more