Merry ChristmasNewYear Eve

Hey all. Less updates this week and last week because of the holidays. But, it does beg the question… how many updates do you folks want? How often do you Regular Readers check out this site? Do you want more updates? Less? I try so hard to please everyone… which is probably a bad life … Read more


Fan Art!

This might be the coolest thing that’s happened to this site so far.  Fan Art!  These drawring are by Subscriber and SuperFan Samantha Campbell. They’re some images from the ongoing series “Bad Stories for Bad Children” This one is from He Said He Was Nuts They make more sense if you read the story. Here’s … Read more


Orson Chapter 5

Short and mostly character developmenty. Orson Chapter 5 If you haven’t read Chapters 1 – 4, check them out here: Orson Novel (work in progress) If you’re Rick Springfield, go here: Springfield-PDF    


Rick Springfield

My friend Kurt Fitzpatrick just reminded me that I’ve got a movie script on this site about Rick Springfield.  He asked the simple question, “have I contacted Rick Springfield about it.” I hadn’t.  But, that was before Twitter.  Just Tweeted to Rick.  In case he shows  up to this web-site; Hi Rick.  Here’s the script: … Read more


USS Bonzo

We used to play a game when I was a kid. This would’ve been when I was 9 – 11 or so.  3rd through 5th grade. We’d play the USS Bonzo after school.  The Bonzo was an imaginary space ship of our creating. It was equal parts inspired by “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. It’s … Read more


Orson Chapter 4

Chugging along like a slow boat to China, here’s Chapter 4 of “Orson”. Orson Chapter 4 Let me know what you think of this one. I’ve been working on my other novel (“Cards with the Devil” due out… in the next couple of months.) with a vicious and cruel, but effective editor. He’s taught me … Read more