The Carpet Was Hungry

Here’s another in the series of “Bad Stories for Bad Children”. After you read it, I’ll let you know what the original title was, if you’d like to know. Let me know if I made the right choice.  “The Carpet was Hungry”

I wish there was a way to over-come the crippling loneliness of winter in Wisconsin combined with the solitary occupation of… whatever my occupation is (it’s a bunch of stuff, but it mostly involves me working at home alone, or in a coffee shop), combined with my general social anxiety of talking to people. I guess maybe this is it. Writing stuff for other people to enjoy. I like to hear people react. I like to see people smile at something I created. For this story, it was great fun to see my daughter open her eyes wide in shock at the ending of the story. Really, think about that… they’re just words on a page or screen, just lines and dots but they combined into a meaningful thing and created enough of an image in her head that her face reacted like something real happened.

That, by the way, is the power of writing. This isn’t a claim that my writing is great, it’s serviceable. This is more of a celebration of what writing does. More than movies, television or internet.

Philosophical ramble:  A couple of years back, my daughter was assigned 1/2 an hour of reading every night. She didn’t complain, she likes reading, although being told she HAD to read rubbed her the wrong way. First, no one likes to be told what to do, secondly, she could already read why did she have to keep doing something she’s already learned.

Here’s what I told her. She wasn’t learning how to read, she was learning how to exercise her imagination. That’s what reading is, it’s like going to the gym for your imagination. You read words, your brain converts them into images and emotions and your body reacts how it should. The human imagination is perhaps the most powerful force in the universe. We should all work it out a bunch.

Ramble done…. actually, this whole post has been kind of rambly, but that’s what happens when I’m left to my own devices.

Keep sharing this site with friends, and keep letting me know what you think. I love to hear from all ya’all.


3 thoughts on “The Carpet Was Hungry”

  1. I always found that reading a story is a good way to get out of the winter funk. Like you said, it exercises your mind and imagination, takes you away from the loneliness for a while. Thanks for helping me out with that 🙂

    • The original title was “The Carpet Ate His Mother”. In talking with the kid she reminded me that the title I was going to use was “The Angry Carpet”. I couldn’t remember when I posted this story, so it became this one for the time being. If only I could use the reference to carpet without the juvenile minded adults thinking and/or referencing the fact that “carpet” is sometimes used as slang for the female pubic area.


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