Orson Chapter 15 and 16

So, I missed a week…. eh, you get what you pay for, right? Here’s chapters 15 and 16. Chapter 15 is really short, like one line short. Orson Chapter 15-16 If you’re just starting and want to catch up on, or learn more about “Orson” head over here: Orson Novel  


Production Pictures

This past weekend, two short pieces I wrote were produced in New Mexico at the Espanola Main Street Theatre. Check out some production pics below. Remember, you too can use any of my work for a production of your own! From “Bluesman” From Crime for Passion  


Tommy “Two-Thumb”

Today’s Bad Story for Bad Children is about Tommy “Two-Thumb” Mulligan… he loves pie. It’s a one-pager, should take you about 2 minutes to read, tops. Tommy Two-Thumb If you want to see the list of all the Bad Stories for Bad Children in order (including upcoming unpublished ones, and upcoming unwritten ones) you can … Read more


Big in New Mexico

Two of my works are being produced this weekend at a theatre in New Mexico. Espanola’s Main Street Theatre. They are part of a show with a theme of “love” called “Love is Never Easy” The pieces are Crime for Passion and Bluesman I wrote “A Crime for Passion” for a friend of mine, Laura Riddle-University of Wisconsin-Green … Read more


“Orson” Chapters 12, 13, and 14

As I’m re-reading this, editing and posting these chapters I’m remembering the way I wrote this. Often just notes in a notebook when I had a moment, or sitting down at the computer for 10 minutes or so. The whole feel is very disjointed and moment to moment. These three chapters are really short. Two … Read more


Orson Chapter 11

I’m just full of self-deprecation today. Here’s a chapter. It’s really short. I can’t imagine trying to read this basically one page per week. How do you people do it?? You’re amazing. Orson Chapter 11 If you’re new to this, or need to catch up, you can get caught up here: Orson Chps 1-10  



This is a short monologue/story from a musical I wrote called “DreamBound”. “But, Mike!” you say, “Where’s the rest of this “DreamBound” play you keep talking about. Well, a couple of things; first off it’s a little more complicated to put a musical up here then other pieces. Secondly, the script of “DreamBound” is in … Read more


The Adventures of Johnny Lemon

For my Grandmother’s 80’s birthday the family put together a compilation of memories and stories for her. I don’t know which family member knew this story, but as the story goes Janet Barney (my Grandma’s maiden name) went out west… I can’t remember where “out west”, but in my mind it’s like the Ol’West of … Read more