It was 20 years ago today….

Well, not quite. A little more than 20 years… missed it by a couple weeks. Anyway, way back in February of 1995 a recent graduate of St. Norbert College (that’s me!) had his first full length play produced. The original title was “Dill”. I believe this is also the first full length directing job by … Read more


Audio/Video Bedtime story

Having trouble getting to sleep? You want me to read you a story? Sure you do. Here’s a sweet little story read just for you, it’s called “The Horse Ran Away with the Boy.” It’s from the “Bad Stories for Bad Children” series. You can read this story for yourself, or read along with me … Read more


“Green Green Glow”

This is another song from “DreamBound” (to read more about “DreamBound” and hear other songs, go here: “DreamBound”) This song was initially written while I was lost walking around New York City. I’m told it’s impossible to get lost in New York City because the streets and avenues are numbered very logically, but those diagonal … Read more


Orson Chapter 18

Here it is, a couple days late. I really like this chapter, it describes something I do when I drive my car, although not as detailed as Dwayne does it. It also ends with a fun cliff hanger tease which, as I recall launches us into a couple more characters and for sure some action. … Read more


Secret Art Project X

If you’d like to be involved in “Secret Art Project: X” contact me via e-mail What is “Secret Art Project: X”? Well…. as the title would suggest, it’s a secret. Should you become involved you’ll have to take an oath of secrecy. It’s a little like Fight Club, but less dangerous. Are you brave … Read more


“Orson” Chapter 17

Let me know if this is still engaging. Pretty sure this whole novel is more of a series of character sketches that intertwine… theoretically they’ll intertwine. If you are new to this site and/or need to catch up to chapter 17 check out chapters 1-6 here: “Orson” Orson Chapter 17