Conversation with OK Go

Recently I had the chance to have a video chat with Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind from one of my favorite bands, OK Go. We were supposed to talk for 15 minutes about an art project that I had. They’d give me ideas and we’d discuss… in a sense collaborate. Since, as you know, I’ve … Read more


“Orson” Chapter 25

It’s a Jack chapter…. he’s usually a jerk… this short chapter he’s kind of sounds motivational. Orson Chapter 25 New to “Orson” you can catch up here: Orson  Each chapter is pretty short. I’m currently downloading/uploading a large video for you’all. A month back I had a chance to have an online conversation with the … Read more


Car Alarm

This is a short sketch I wrote for some sketch group I was in… I don’t recall when. It’s never been produced, so whatever group I was in at the time must’ve disbanded before we got around to it. I’ve converted it into a free verse poem of sorts. I was trying to capture the … Read more


“Orson” Chapters 22, 23, and 24

So, getting started on a regular schedule after a vacation is difficult when you’re your own boss. To make up for it, here’s three chapters in one post. For those following along thus far these chapters are a Jack, Orson and Rainbow chapter. Orson’s is the most different from previous entries. It’s him interacting with … Read more


Lonely Together

I was chatting with my good friend Gabby VandenAvond the other night and we were both bemoaning our loneliness. So, I drew her this picture. It may or may not be for a future children’s story. I may or may not have drawn it intoxicated and forgot the spots on the giraffe.  


Orson Chapter 21

I should totally compile chapters 11 – 20 for you… but I’m currently on vacation… you’re luck you’re getting this!!  (actually, I had some trouble sleeping… that’s why you’re getting this. I sometimes wish I would have trouble sleeping more often. However, when I do, I’m rarely as motivated to get any work done as … Read more