Key 2 Comedy: Relatability

Been having a rough week technology-wise, so limited updates recently. But, the good news is the troubles I’ve been having are because of the improvements happening to my website and computer. So, soon things will be back to normal… nay! Better than normal! Meantime, enjoy:  


Web Site and Grocery List

For those of you who follow this site, sorry we’ve been down the last couple of days. Doing some server improvements and moving things around. We’ll get back on track in a day or two. In the meantime, take a gander at a new fun and simple project you can do yourself. This will be … Read more


The Continuing Adventures of Byron & Bing

I humbly say that this is some of my best work. Creative-wise anyway…. I haven’t shown it to any of my Grammar Nazi friends, so there’ll probably be errors. But it’s a fun story. Great for reading out loud, to yourself or to kids. My 12 year old loves it. Byron & Bing Chapter2 Full … Read more


Orson Chapter 26

Very short on time today… did not plan my day correctly… or at all. Either way, I’ve got to run. For those following “Orson” this chapter is a Rainbow chapter. I fear that not much is happening in the action… a fear that I believe I can see myself doing something about in the writing. … Read more