About This Site

mike“Artists are just people
with marketable mental illnesses.”
– Mike Eserkaln

Ever heard of me? Nope. Not surprising. I’m not published. Oh, to be sure, my plays and sketches have been locally and regionally produced (reaching all the way to Atlanta, Georgia and British Columbia, Canada… there’s even a production in the works for Perth, Australia). Not bad for a kid from Wisconsin. I even won an award for my writing.

So, here are my stories for you to read. For free. Read them here or download them to your Kindle, or download them and print them off… bind them into a book if you like. Whatever you want. Free. My gift to you.

Here’s the deal. They are free, but nothing in life is truly free. Here’s what you can do for me: promote me. If you like what you read, forward my website to people you know and love – www.Eserkaln.com.  If you hate what you read, forward it to people you hate. It’s win-win.

Also, feel free to donate. This site is free, but life isn’t. I do have a job, but I also have a daughter who’s going to need braces at some point. Donate. You know it’s the right thing to do. I believe that access to the arts should be free, so here are my writings, for free. Things like food, rent, health insurance, electricity… those aren’t free. That’s where donations come in. Pay what you feel the story is worth. Heck, maybe give it a read and then decide what it’s worth after the fact – can’t beat that price.

I do this because I love telling stories. I love entertaining. My day job is running an improvisation comedy troupe in De Pere, WI (www.ComedyCityOnline.com), so I’ve got a job. The point is, I’m not doing all this writing for the money and fame. I’m doing it because I love storytelling, and what’s the point of telling a story if no one is listening?

I’ve been writing and telling stories for a very long time. I had my first play, “Dill,” produced way back in 1994. You can find it here under the plays section as a totally rewritten version titled “Lustful Youth.” Since then, I’ve written a handful of full length plays, a couple musicals (including a children’s musical), a bunch of sketches and monologues, a novel and an ongoing serial novel. And there’s more on the way.