Art Cult

What is the Art Cult?

Before we start, let’s address the word “cult”. It’s got bad connotations; Kool-Aid, Halebop comet, Scientology, etc. However, there are less notorious cults, like the Art Cult.

Let’s use these definitions of Cult:
(1) A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
(2) A person or thing that is popular or fashionable, especially among a particular section of society.

Every artist should have a cult. A group of devoted fans who spread the word, and love what you do almost unconditionally. You’re now a member of my Art Cult.

Rules of the Art Cult

1. Knowledge of being in the Art Cult is not necessary to be in the Art Cult.

2. You can leave the Art Cult anytime you like, although if the artist is doing their job you’re not going to want to leave.

3. Become a zealot. Buy all the things that your artist makes. (Not to the detriment of your financial stability. But really, come on… you can probably swing 5 bucks.)

4. Proselytize. Convert others to join the Art Cult. If you can’t afford to support your artist, this is the next best thing you can do.

5. Be kind. Art Cults are the nicest cults in the world. Sometimes your artist will do something that other people don’t like. Or something they hate. Or something that triggers them in a bad way. Don’t shame others for not liking what you like.

6. If your artist does something that you find offensive, let them know. They are under no obligation to do what you say, but they should at least give you a listen. If they refuse to help you somehow to make you feel more comfortable with their artistic decisions, you are free to leave the Art Cult.

7. Be a fan of everything your artist does. Even if you don’t absolutely love it. Your scale of appreciation should go from; 1 Meh, not for me, but I see what they’re doing to 10 How did my artist see into my inner soul and pull out exactly what I needed in my life right now?!! If your appreciation falls below a 1, see rule number 6.

Rules for the Art Cult Leader:

1. Do art.

2. Be kind.

3.Appreciate your followers.

Ways to support your Art Cult leader:

Venmo: Mike-Eserkaln (last 4 numbers of phone number 0966)
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