Custom Lunch Notes

Are you a Lunch Notes SuperFan?


If you donate $5 to me

I will draw you an Original Customized Personalized Lunch Note. It can be an idea  you have, or something I think of, Your Choice!

Don’t know what Lunch Notes are? Well, first of all… how the heck did you find this web-site?! Secondly… Welcome, you can check out Lunch Notes here!

Fun, right?

I will mail this drawing to you. It’ll be a one of a kind drawing. I’ll even sign it (front or back, up to you!)

If this goes well the price goes up. Meaning… that the intrinsic value of your drawing will go up too. The more famous I get the more valuable your investment drawing becomes. It is therefore, in your best interest to promote me and make me bigger and bigger. If I become famous enough a drawing that you spent $5 on could be worth thousands.

Think about it.

As more people appreciate art the more art appreciates.

These notes will not be posted on my regular site. I will scan them and put them in The Vault. “Mike, what is The Vault?” you say? Good question. The Vault will be a secret storage facility were these images will be stored. Kept hidden from public view, thus increasing their value by their very scarcity! But, they will be there if you need them. If you need a print made, or a replacement, or whatever.

Someday, perhaps in the distant future, perhaps sooner, I’ll allow people to view The Vault contents. With some sort of limited access, high-tech, pay per-view, high-value system. Something super secure and awesome. We’re talking laser grids, people. Laser. Grids.

I got off track. Sorry. In short. You want a drawing like this?
Big Cookie_0001

But customized to you? (perhaps a giant cake?) Or based off an idea of yours? Or just a random one!

Well, donate $5

Be sure to tell me where to mail it, and I’ll get it right out to ya’

Thanks. You’re awesome… but you already knew that.