This is Pig. Pig can fly.

Meet Pig.

Pig is an anti-captialist and believes in giving away art.

All 8×10 Pig prints are FREE. Click the link, pick one out, and enter your contact info… and I’ll send it out to you lickety-split. Ordering a free Pig print makes you a member of the Art Cult (also a free thing)

See, here’s the thing. I love doing art. Pig digital paintings are so much fun to do, I just want to share them with you. I’d love to get Pig prints to every corner of the world, check out the map below.

The plan for Pig is to keep the prints totally free. You’re welcome to use these images for whatever you want. Tell your own story. Share it with people. Heck, share it with me.

Click the button below to view & order your FREE Pig Print.

These are all the places I’ve sent my art around the world!