Mr. Koon

“Mr. Koon” by Mike Eserkaln


1 – Man


10 minutes


Mr. Koon is a weird surreal monologue or short story, depending on what length you consider a viable performable monologue.   Mr. Koon has his own unique point of view and way of life, and the stinkin’ town he lives in has a whole cast of bizarre people as well, from the Lesbian Biker Gang Support Group, to the Nazi Piggly Wiggly employees and the bling Coast Guard, Mr. Koon knows them all and loves them or hates them in equal portions.  He also has an amazing car called the Love Machine Nightmare.

Download the PDF here:  Mr. Koon-PDF

Also available to listen to in audio form here:

*All of my works are free to read, perform, produce and/or adapt anyway you like.  All I ask is that you contact me and let me know how things went.  Credit me as writer and include my web-site  (Mike Eserkaln ) Photos and reviews of productions would be great too.     Also, donations are always appreciated.  Thanks.