The Liar

“The Liar” by Mike Eserkaln


4 Men  4 Women


90 minutes


A compulsive liar named Bill charms his way into an exclusive resort hotel with his tag-along disaster pal Chuckie. Bill quickly falls in love with a guest of the hotel, and because of his silver tongue, he and his friend find themselves in a whirlwind series of mishaps and mix-ups.  Loosely based on the classic Comedia del Arte comedy “The Liar”.   Large cast, perfect for a College production.   No swearing, but plenty of innuendo and sexual mischievousness.

Download the PDF here:  The Liar – PDF


University of Wisconsin Green Bay Theatre – 2002

Venture Theatre – De Pere, WI – 2008

Review Quote:

“”The Liar” has a big vocabulary of comedy.  Zipping past are sight, verbal and sound gags.  There’s banter — and scenes of unspoken comedy.  It’s sexy.  It’s sassy.  It’s loopy, corny, stupid, silly, frothy, and fun.” Warren Gurds Green Bay Press Gazette.

When I was charging for producing my plays it was a flat fee of $50 per production, no matter how big the audience… That seems like a money making opportunity for someone.

*All of my works are free to read, perform, produce and/or adapt anyway you like.  All I ask is that you contact me and let me know how things went.  Credit me as writer and include my web-site  (Mike Eserkaln ) Photos and reviews of productions would be great too.     Also, donations are always appreciated.  Thanks.