24 Hour Theatre- Sweet-Best’s Lollipops: Sugar-Coated Mystery Hour

This is a short play I wrote for our recent 24 Hour Theatre event.  For those who don’t know what that is, we get a suggestion for a play at midnight, then go write it.  In the morning we get actors and directors to rehearse it and produce it and we get it up in front of an audience the next night.  24 hours from concept to production.

The suggestion for this one was “Purple Lollipop”.  It’s a radio drama, then the real-life adventures of the radio actors… I think it’s pretty funny.   Included in the production was the Bernie Wayne Orchestra and the song I’ve got posted here.  I’m sure there’s a copyright issue with including this song in the actual script, but it did work really well for the production.  If nothing else, give a listen to the song, it’s super catchy.

Sweet-Best’s Lollipops: Sugar-Coated Mystery Hour 


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