Blue and Grey Lady

This is one of a series of paintings done by myself and two other painter friends of mine, C.J. Guzan and Lawrence March.  The series is called “Dames Drinking Hootch”  this is the Blue and Grey Lady (unless or until a different title occurs to us.)

The original is 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.  It’s canvas mounted on plywood (so, it’s currently quite heavy as far as paintings go.)   I just recently made a digital scan of it so we can sell the original or prints of it!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

Note, the original and the prints won’t have that watermark thing with the logo on it… that would just be weird.

2′ x 4′ Original painting.  Acrylic paint on Canvas:  $500

2′ x 4′ Canvas print: $200

2′ x 4′ Paper Print (high quality paper, not just plain ol’ paper paper) $70

But, maybe a four foot tall painting is too big for your liking.  We thought of that.  And, we thought that a 1/2 scale would still be a nice size, so:

1′ x 2′ Canvas Print: $120

1′ x 2′ Paper Print: $45

Shipping is not included in the prices listed above.  That cost has yet to be determined, and will probably be based on shipped to where and the weight…  Have I mentioned this is the first time I’ve done this?  Because it is.

Watermark Paintingtiny


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