Continuing Adventures Continue

Finished up my other novel, so I now have time to get back to this on-going story. I’ve uploaded chapter 3, it’s about the game Rock Ball! Check out chapters 1 – 3 here at “The Continuing Adventures of Byron & Bing”

I could also use some help from you Grammar Nazis out there. I’d like to open source the editing of this project. If you want to take a cruel cruel look at these pages and submit any edits you’d do, I’ll reward you handsomely… well, probably with a customized Lunch Note, and/or a “Thank You.”

I’ve also figured out how to insert pictures in with the text. This one features Rock Ball equipment.

Rock Ball Uniform

Here’s also an early design of the equipment…

Rock Ball Uniform 1.0

Rock Ball players quickly realized they couldn’t breath with their Bouncer on.


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