“Cupid” Novel

This is a novel that I’m trying to write in a month (Fun Fact: November is Write a Novel Month.  Another Fun Fact: I forget the first fact every year until the first week into the month.)  The goal is 1667 words a day… although, starting late, I’m going to have to hit closer to 2000 words a day.

The idea for the novel is that Cupid is a real person who can make others fall in love, but can’t fall in love himself.  Not really sure where it’s going yet, we’ll find out together.

Keep in mind this is the raw, vomit-like first draft.  There’s going to be major grammar and spelling errors, there’s going to be inconsistent plot points and characters that don’t make any sense.  Sound like fun?  Sure it does!  What the heck, it’s free.

Cupid Day 1

Cupid Day 2


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