Don’t Pay Me for this Painting

So, I created this painting.  I was planning on making copies of it and selling it to thousands of people.  I was going to make small refrigerator magnets with it so the joy could spread.  Every time you’d head to the fridge to make yourself a chicken salad sandwich you’d see this little painting, have a childhood flashback, and a smile would come to your face.

I had an electronic copy made and sent it off to a magnet making web-site.  They sent it back saying that it was most likely copyright infringement.   After some research and a chat with my lawyer, I’m told that the image below is probably copyright infringement, and something that a lawyer could, at least, tie up in legal knots for long enough that it would be expensive.

I’d call it an homage, a parody, a deconstruction… any number of things, but hey that’s just me… I’m not a lawyer.

But, it’s a really neat painting, right?

So, I’m giving it away.  It’s yours to do with as you please.  I’m certainly not telling you to print it off for yourself, or make a refrigerator magnet for yourself.  I’m certainly not telling you to contact me so I can send you a higher resolution version of the painting so you can make a canvas print suitable for any child’s bedroom…. I’m certainly not telling you to do that. (   You can do all of these things, but I’m not saying you should and you certainly shouldn’t pay me for it.

God bless copyright laws.




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