It’s the story of a man (the Storyteller) who is caught inside his own dream and can’t wake up. He meets his doppelganger (the Showman) and the woman of his dreams, literally.

I wrote is while going through my divorce (let’s hope my only divorce.) and a lot of the struggle of what I wanted from life is in here. I’ve found that when I’ve got big life problems, expressing them through art reeeally helps. It did feel a bit like tearing myself open for all to see, but I think the fiction and artistry covered smoothly enough that the whole piece is relatable to others and not just some self-serving biography.

“DreamBound” had one production and is having some rewrites, so I present it here piecemeal. Also, it’s a musical, and I haven’t quite got it all packaged up nicely to present it as a full musical script. So, I give you parts.

We have a short story from within the script:


We have a couple of songs:

And this pre-show ambiance bit that we played with a lot of echo with a bed of soft ocean waves playing.

*All of my works are free to read, perform, produce and/or adapt anyway you like.  All I ask is that you contact me and let me know how things went.  Credit me as writer and include my web-site  (Mike Eserkaln www.eserkaln.com ) Photos and reviews of productions would be great too.     Also, donations are always appreciated.  Thanks.


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