Last Two on Earth

I started watching a show on called “The Last Man on Earth” with Will Forte. It’s a pretty good show, although I’m not sure how they’re going to maintain interest and plot with the one basic premise of everyone on earth gone. (spoilers: there’s also a woman (Kristen Schaal), but really only two people… we’ll see.)

It reminded me that years back I wrote a short play called “The Last Two on Earth” both have similar themes and ideas. They both have a comedically casual acceptance of everyone being dead. There’s the discussion of starting over with kids. In both cases the man and woman don’t get along well.  pfft… Women, right?

So, they’re similar, but also different enough that I don’t feel concerned that anyone’s going to say I plagiarized.  Speaking of that. There’s a joke in this script that I stole from myself in another script that’s posted on this site. Yeah. I plagiarized myself! If you can identify the joke and the other script that it’s used in, I will give you $100.  Seriously.

So, now with that wild goose chase off and running, please enjoy: Last Two on Earth


3 thoughts on “Last Two on Earth”

  1. Would it be cheating to write a piece of software to figure it out for me? Also I’m off work tomorrow and I’m (finally) going to give the available chapters of Orson a read.

    • Well, I didn’t really set up any rules, so technically it wouldn’t be cheating. It would sort of set up a modern day John Henry story. “Oh, John Henry was a data mining man.”

  2. Also, if you know the answer, don’t post it here! Geez. Way to spoil the game for the rest of the people.


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