Merry ChristmasNewYear Eve

Hey all. Less updates this week and last week because of the holidays. But, it does beg the question… how many updates do you folks want? How often do you Regular Readers check out this site? Do you want more updates? Less? I try so hard to please everyone… which is probably a bad life plan.

Anyway, due to the lack of posts last week and the undoubtably low amount of updates this week (I’m going to be performing improv all night tomorrow night… daddy needs him some rest.) I’m posting three small things today in one post. Don’t get too excited… they are really small. A lunch note, fan art, and an “Orson” chapter that’s only 4 sentences long. So, you know… short update.

First a lunch note… these are still in PDF format, because I remain ignorant on how to make a scanned picture not PDF:

Piano Thief

Next, like I said, a short chapter from “Orson”

Orson Chapter 6

Finally, some more fan art. This is from super talented, and extremely cool Super Fan Samantha Campbell. It’s from the story “The Cat Ate His Fingers” Terry Mulligan won’t wash his hands…

Terry Mulligan


Thanks to all you Regular Readers and Super Fans! (we’ll come up with better cooler nickname for you all soon.)

See you in 2015!  I’ve got a bunch of ideas an projects in the pipeline coming to you all soon! It’s going to be a great year!




5 thoughts on “Merry ChristmasNewYear Eve”

  1. Agreed. I’m almost out of stuff to peruse (I’m taking a very leisurely stroll through the content while I’m at work). Whenever there is a new posting, it’s very exciting!

    I wouldn’t worry about pleasing everyone. Those who are here regularly are already supporting you 100%. We’re already pleased enough with what you share because it’s good. If it wasn’t good, we wouldn’t keep coming back.

    For those that don’t think it’s good. Well, they’re just a bunch of weirdos. And not the good kind that you want to keep around. No love lost for them. 🙂

  2. Thank you all for the responses here. Sorry if I haven’t responded regularly on these comments. What a jerk! I ask, nay beg for comments then I don’t respond. Turns out, as usual, I don’t *really* know how to navigate my own web-site, and don’t always get notified or see when someone comments. It’ll get better soon…

    Or it won’t, what am I some kind of fortune teller?

    Love to all.


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