Monologue Made into Film: Russian Roulette

I wrote this monologue many years ago.  It won the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Rising Phoenix Award… which is impressive to me, because I never attended the UW-GB.

A couple years back someone contacted me, wanted to make a film version of the monologue.  I rewrote it as a film script (link below).  This film didn’t end up happening, however, about a year ago this fella contacted me and last week I received this video version of the monologue.  I’d say it’s pretty darn good.  The guy acts the hell out of the piece and really makes it effective.   He ended up just using the straight up monologue instead of the film script.   What do you think about it?

If you want to make a movie or lower budget youtube video of any of my works, feel free.  Just let me know how it goes.

“Russian Roulette”

“Russian Roulette Movie Script”


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