Dr. Sobakowa’s Sleep Tips

“Dr. Sobakowa’s Sleep Tips” by Mike Eserkaln

Cast Needs:

1 Male or Female


3 – 5 minutes.


This is a monologue from a sketch group I belonged to (Milk Dogs).  It’s based on a real infomercial about Dr. Sobakowa’s special Sleep Pillow.  It was apparently full of buckwheat husks, so that made it comfortable (??).  In the informercial it was also offered that if you bought the pillow you’d get his list of “Sleep Tips”.

We found the idea of “Sleep Tips” to be hilarious, so that’s where this came from.

I used to do a disclaimer beforehand out of concerns of racism.  See, the thing is, Dr. Sobakowa has (had?) a strong Asian accent of some sort.  I would, humorously I hope, explain that I’m not making fun of Asians… I’m making fun of Dr. Sobakowa.

Anyway, you can perform it however you want.  Just let me know how it goes!

Download the PDF here:  Sobakowa


*All of my works are free to read, perform, produce and/or adapt anyway you like.  All I ask is that you contact me and let me know how things went.  Credit me as writer and include my web-site  (Mike Eserkaln www.eserkaln.com ) Photos and reviews of productions would be great too.     Also, donations are always appreciated.  Thanks.




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