Orson Chapter 21

I should totally compile chapters 11 – 20 for you… but I’m currently on vacation… you’re luck you’re getting this!!  (actually, I had some trouble sleeping… that’s why you’re getting this. I sometimes wish I would have trouble sleeping more often. However, when I do, I’m rarely as motivated to get any work done as I am today, and I love sleep so very much. Maybe it’s because I’m on “vacation” and work seems taboo to do. I do enjoy being bad…. almost forgot I was in parentheticals…. (spelled that wrong.))

Anyway, this chapter is an excerpt from Orson’s journal. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the concept of this novel was going to be all “other source” writings. But, that got abandoned. This one survives though.

Orson Chapter 21

Chapters 1 – 20 

Now back to vacation.


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