Orson Chapter 4

Chugging along like a slow boat to China, here’s Chapter 4 of “Orson”.

Orson Chapter 4

Let me know what you think of this one. I’ve been working on my other novel (“Cards with the Devil” due out… in the next couple of months.) with a vicious and cruel, but effective editor. He’s taught me many things. One was to make my sentences shorter and more effective. As I’ve been posting chapters of “Orson” I’ve been rewriting them and tightening them. It’s still not a perfect draft, but I can feel myself getting to be a more concise writer.  Except in these blog posts… in these posts I just go on and on.

If you’re not caught up, don’t worry, the chapters are short and you can read 1 -4 here:  “Orson”

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1 thought on “Orson Chapter 4”

  1. Wow. By far, one of the best chapters in Orson that I’ve had the pleasure of reading! Normally, I’m antsy for the next chapter but this one has me more excited than usual. Too many questions abound for me to list them here.

    This chapter alone could be a great opener for it’s own book. My curiosity is piqued even more! Keep em’ coming. 🙂


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