“Orson” Chapters 22, 23, and 24

So, getting started on a regular schedule after a vacation is difficult when you’re your own boss. To make up for it, here’s three chapters in one post. For those following along thus far these chapters are a Jack, Orson and Rainbow chapter. Orson’s is the most different from previous entries. It’s him interacting with other people in the real world, something he doesn’t do often. However, it’s still a disconnected interaction. He’s playing a character. I used to do Hostage Negotiation training for SWAT teams and Police. It was crazy fun and I’ve always wanted to find a good place to tell the stories of doing that. I think I shoehorned it into this novel. If nothing else, it’s an abrupt change in the action/story of Orson himself. Hope it’s not too jarring.

I’d also like to thank new www.eserkaln.com subscriber and donator Rod Zinkel to the party. I’ve known Rod for a number of years, he’s a writer and better poet than anyone I personally know. And, he gave me some money to support this site. Thanks Rod!

Orson Chapter 22

Orson Chapter 23

Orson Chapter 24

For catching up, Chapters 1 – 21.


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