Big in New Mexico

Two of my works are being produced this weekend at a theatre in New Mexico. Espanola’s Main Street Theatre. They are part of a show with a theme of “love” called “Love is Never Easy”

The pieces are Crime for Passion and Bluesman

I wrote “A Crime for Passion” for a friend of mine, Laura Riddle-University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Theatre professor. Every year someone in the arts the faculty would do a demonstration or performance for the rest of the teachers. Laura wanted to do a short play. As luck would have it, I had already begun sketching out an idea for a short piece about a couple holding up a Starbucks for some reason. When Laura and her husband (also a faculty member) were decided to be the cast it made writing the rest of the play really easy. It also helped that I cast myself as “Derek” the Starbucks employee. I originally titled it “Starbucks” but the title didn’t do much to describe the play and there’s always that lingering trademark infringement fear.

“Bluesman” I wrote during a 24 hour theatre event at Saint Norbert College, De Pere, WI.  It’s sort of a poem, sort of a bluesy rant. It’ll be interesting to see what this upcoming production does with it.

I’m told that I’ll be at least getting a copy of the program from the show. Hopefully, I’ll also be getting photos, videos, and reviews.

I use this post today as a reminder that all my pieces are here for you to read and enjoy for free. But, if a piece is theatrical why not share it with someone else? It’s still free to use. And they really are more fun when read out-loud for others.

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To the folks performing in “Love is Never Easy” tonight… Have a great show!

And, thanks for using my plays.


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