“The Continuing Adventures of Byron and Bing” Part I Chapter 1

In the Works section of this site I classify this under Novel, but my intention is different than just a novel. The key word in the title is “Continuing” I’m thinking it’s going to be a story of many adventures and stories with no end in sight. Just enjoy the ride.

I’m also bluntly asking for fan art… I know, you’re not a “fan” yet, but you will be, oh yes you will be. Love SteamPunk? Love Surreal things? Love Comedy? Love Liars? You’re going to love “The Continuing Adventures of Byron and Bing”

The sketch below is, well, a sketch. I’m pretty happy with how Bing looks (he’s the rounder one) Byron looks too freaky, but hey 50% success rate ain’t that bad.

Byron & Bing Chapter 1

Byron & Bing Sketch



3 thoughts on ““The Continuing Adventures of Byron and Bing” Part I Chapter 1”

    • No requirements as of yet. That’s one of the bonuses of Fan Art, isn’t it? That you can create in whatever medium inspires you the most. I don’t really know what specifically I’m looking for yet. It feels like I’ll know it when I see it. In the unlikely case that I really don’t like something I just won’t keep it on my site. I don’t like to constrict with rules before it’s necessary. Thanks!


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