Venture Theatre Character Death Totals

Venture Theatre was a theatre I opened and ran from 2005 – 2009.  We did original scripts and I got to work with some of the greatest most creative writers, directors, actors, and crew that I’ve ever worked with.  We also had a fair amount of characters killed off.  Here’s a list and the method of their deaths.  Oh, and (os) means they died or are assumed to have died off stage:

Get Down(sized)!

Boss – Staple Crossfire

MiddleMangement – Yard Stick Jousting

New Guy – Yard Stick Jousting

Seasoned Employee – Yard Stick Sword Fight

Temp –  Yard Stick Sword Fight

Boss – Bullet

Boss – Carried off by angry mob, perhaps killed (os)


Black Peter

Margarita – Heartbreak (os)

Pedro – Fall from Cathedrial.  Puppet, may not have died. (os)

Black Peter –  Shot by police and/or fell from rooftop.  May not be dead. (os)


One Acts 2006

Chuck the Construction Worker

Louie “the Screw” – Fall from Construction Site (os)


Dead End

Phil – Self inflicted Bullet (os)


Lustful Youth

April – Liver Explosion

Jake II – Electricution

Jake I – Car Explosion (os)

May – Bullet

Gustav – Cyanide laced Rattlesnake


3 Stories From Middleville

Martha – Poison


One Acts 2007

Jack’s Decision

Jack – Ghengis Kahn’s Sword

Shelby – Ghengis Kahn’s Sword

Uncle Benny – Ghengis Kahn’s Sword


Pennsylvania Rose

“Whiskey” Matt Collins – Bullet

Train Driver – Bullet

Sheriff Hattly – Bullet



RobotBoy – Broken Heart


Vampire Variations

Kierian – Stake to heart

Abby – Stake to heart

Galav – Stake to heart

Al – Stake to heart (perhaps not dead)


Venture Theatre Character Death Toll Totals:

On Stage – 20

Perhaps not Dead (but, assumed dead) – 4

Total – 24


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