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For those of you who follow this site, sorry we’ve been down the last couple of days. Doing some server improvements and moving things around. We’ll get back on track in a day or two. In the meantime, take a gander at a new fun and simple project you can do yourself. This will be a part of Secret Art Project X.

Fake Grocery lists. You can either include fake things on a real list, or a fully fictional list. Bonus points if you create some sort of story or plot with you list.

Then go grocery shopping and leave the list behind for some other curious shopper to find and enjoy.

This is the first one we tried. It’s my daughter’s handwriting so I’ll transcribe below.

Grocery List

– I’m the realist (this would be an Iggy Azalea joke)

– Carrots

– Maaaaa + Cheeeeeees

– Karate Lessons

– Cake Muffins

– Beans

– Gopher Boots

– Cookies

– Butter

– Toothpaste


– Wizard Staff

– Puppy Eggs

– Fruit


Today I had another list which included Frogs Legs and Free Range Ice.

Go do something creative today.


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