When Butterflies Fart or the Physics of Flatulence

I am not above a fart joke (although, in the circumstances of an actual fart it’s probably best to be below it than above it… actually, I’m not sure I know the physics of flatulence… someone should look that up.) Let’s face it, farts are funny. Let’s look at the evidence:
1. Everyone does it.  = Relatable comedy.

2. They make funny noises. Sometimes like sounds we recognize (ducks, small trumpets, words or musical notes.)

3. They smell funny. I mean “funny” weird not “ha ha” funny. The point that they smell funny is enhanced by the fact that the smell disappears relatively quickly.

4. They come from your butt. This makes them far away from your brain stem, so you as the producer don’t have the time to evaluate them. It’s an improv tip, don’t think just do.

They along with burps were probably our earliest form of communication.

5. The fact that everyone does them, means that really important people do it at really serious times.  That equals major comedy.

I saw once that they believe they found the first written joke. It was a cave painting with a guy pointing his butt at a bison, or some horned beast. The joke is either; This guy Grog got rammed in the butt by a bison. Or, this hilarious guy Grog farted at a bison.  I prefer to think it was the second of the two jokes.

Anyway. This drawing isn’t a bison, or a human.  Just another lunch drawing. I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m not the first to make this joke. I think I stole it from The Far Side by Gary Larson, but maybe not.

When Butterflies Fart


4 thoughts on “When Butterflies Fart or the Physics of Flatulence”

  1. So, I am usually the one to get any joke. However, I don’t get the butterfly drawing.

    Is the butterfly pooting on the other butterflies or is its poot so powerful that it shoots it into another stratosphere?

    I feel stupid for asking. Ha ha


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