Bubblegum Lady

This is #5 in a series of paintings.  “Dames Drinking Hootch”  So far it’s #5 of 5, but we don’t know how many will ultimately be in the series.  I know I’ve got at least two more planned.  This particular one I’ve temporarily titled “Bubblegum Lady”.

We did this one after taking a long hiatus, what with my fellow painters busy graduating from college and all.  But, we’re back now, and we’ve got a new motto for ourselves as artists; “Momentum”.

That this one is finally done is a bit of a feat in itself.  This was the first image I had tried to do with the process we’re doing now.  I tried it myself.  I’ve since learned a lot about painting.  For one thing, I learned that there’s usually one side of the canvas that’s prepped for paint (it’s called gesso… basically, it means it already has a layer of white paint on it.)  If you don’t use this side (like I didn’t) the paint doesn’t really apply itself the way you want it.  It feels like trying to paint on a couch cushion.

So, I had this painting halfway done and then it sat in my living room for about a year.  Then we did four other paintings, got our technique down and returned to this one.  We changed up the color scheme completely, it was previously a green drink, black and white hair and pink face.  So, underneath this painting is the original failed attempt.

If you saw a previous post of the painting Blue and Grey Lady, you saw it had a watermark on it.  I’m going to post this one without a water mark because it’s easier to see the image, and because I love and trust you all.  And, although I’ve no reason to, I love and trust the Void.   Trust that you’ll do the right thing and if you want a print, or the original, you’ll contact me.

2′ x 4′ Original painting.  Acrylic paint on Canvas:  $500

2′ x 4′ Canvas print: $200

2′ x 4′ Paper Print (high quality paper, not just plain ol’ paper paper) $70

But, maybe a four foot tall painting is too big for your liking.  We thought of that.  And, we thought that a 1/2 scale would still be a nice size, so:

1′ x 2′ Canvas Print: $120

1′ x 2′ Paper Print: $45

Shipping is not included in the prices listed above.  That cost has yet to be determined, and will probably be based on shipped to where and the weight.




2 thoughts on “Bubblegum Lady”

  1. Bubblegum Lady’s eyebrows are giving me some Oompa Loompa vibes. This is such a cool series! And not just because I love the word “dames” AND the word “hooch.”

    • Great. Now I can’t unsee an Oompa Loompa… not the first time that’s happened to me. Thanks for the comment. Hope to have more up soon. Please, spread the word about this site. More people make for better-ness for everyone.


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