Robot Gives Heart

I bought a used scanner today off of Craigslist and had plans of scanning drawings I’ve made for your delight.  Technology, however, has slowed my momentum.  Anyone know how to make an HP scanjet 4570c work?  There’s something wrong with the loading of the software.  The computer says; “An unexpected error occurred in the application: the error code is . ”

Which is always a fun message to get on your computer and brings up the fun questions;  Is there such thing as an “expected error”?  And what is error code “.”  ?  I mean, that’s just a period, right?  Surely that’s not the error code.

Anyway, in lieu of a scanned drawing, here’s a previously scanned drawing of a Robot giving his Heart.   I enjoy this drawing because it can either be hopeful or quite depressing.   Depending on the mode I’m in I can view it either way.  Share with your friends.  Enjoy.

Bot gives heart



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