Things Getting in the Way: Rambling Rant.

Hey there. You know how it’s difficult for you to create something. You know, Art of some kind. How it’s difficult to come up with a concept that’s exciting to you, then to teach yourself the skills of whatever craft you’re working for. Then overcoming the self-doubt that whatever you’re going to create. Then actually … Read more


The Carpet Was Hungry

Here’s another in the series of “Bad Stories for Bad Children”. After you read it, I’ll let you know what the original title was, if you’d like to know. Let me know if I made the right choice.  “The Carpet was Hungry” I wish there was a way to over-come the crippling loneliness of winter … Read more


Grammar Nazis

Let’s talk a little bit about grammar, shall we?  First, in interest of full disclosure, you should know that I’m an English major.  I graduated in 1994 from Saint Norbert College in De Pere, WI.  That said, I’m still not very good a the grammar thing.   In fact, I’m going to guess that I’ve … Read more