Writing Advice E-mail to Dan

I don’t have much reason to believe I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing. However, almost a year ago now a friend of mine (Dan Van Dellen .. not to name drop or anything) asked me for some advice on writing a novel. I sent him this e-mail. Today, while cleaning … Read more


250 Improv: React Like a Human

There’s a lot of pressure to “be funny” when doing improv. Especially if you’re performing on a stage, with lights and a paying audience. People paid real money to see some funny, so you’d better be funny. That’s a lot of pressure.   Unfortunately, this pressure makes us not act like normal humans. The term … Read more


250 Improv: Suggestions from Fear

I’ve been performing improvisational comedy for more than 25 years. Only recently I’ve noticed something about getting suggestions from an audience. Here’s the theory; when we’re put on the spot, it’s frightening. Not scary like being attacked by a lion, but there’s the feeling that everyone is looking at you. That you’re suddently the center … Read more


It was 20 years ago today….

Well, not quite. A little more than 20 years… missed it by a couple weeks. Anyway, way back in February of 1995 a recent graduate of St. Norbert College (that’s me!) had his first full length play produced. The original title was “Dill”. I believe this is also the first full length directing job by … Read more


Things Getting in the Way: Rambling Rant.

Hey there. You know how it’s difficult for you to create something. You know, Art of some kind. How it’s difficult to come up with a concept that’s exciting to you, then to teach yourself the skills of whatever craft you’re working for. Then overcoming the self-doubt that whatever you’re going to create. Then actually … Read more



One of the best things about being a writer is quoting yourself. If done right, and people recognize it as a some sort of quote but don’t know it was you who originated it, you’ll seem brilliant. You can’t quote it wrong because you wrote it. If anything you just did a quick re-edit of … Read more


The Carpet Was Hungry

Here’s another in the series of “Bad Stories for Bad Children”. After you read it, I’ll let you know what the original title was, if you’d like to know. Let me know if I made the right choice.  “The Carpet was Hungry” I wish there was a way to over-come the crippling loneliness of winter … Read more


USS Bonzo

We used to play a game when I was a kid. This would’ve been when I was 9 – 11 or so.  3rd through 5th grade. We’d play the USS Bonzo after school.  The Bonzo was an imaginary space ship of our creating. It was equal parts inspired by “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. It’s … Read more


What was the point??

About 3 1/2 years ago a couple things happened simultaneously.  I turned 40 and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me.  Guess which one hurt more? The break-up still haunts me to this day.  Every other previous relationship I’d had either broke up because I did something stupid and/or detrimental, or I had … Read more