“Cupid” day 2

Second day in, and it’s already a problem keeping up.  It would help if I had some idea where the story was going.  I did create a terrible character name “Chance Worthington”… sounds like a name from a romance novel.

Also, not sure the tone of the book either.  Based on a couple humorous moments from the first day, I was hoping it would be a quirky funny book.  This one’s a little more depression.  Maybe I’m just setting up character.  You’ll have to wait and find out with me.

Cupid Day 2


2 thoughts on ““Cupid” day 2”

  1. Yes, Rachel! I totally agree. I feel that your descriptive writing style is a tremendous asset to good writing.

    I was always amazed that the images that I gathered from reading Harry Potter were almost identical to the movies that were produced. I know that J.K. Rowling had a huge hand in the movie production, but the fact still remains that she was able to describe things in such vivid detail that in my minds eye there was little deviation as to what she actually wanted to depict. That is good storytelling in my opinion. You’ve got that gift.


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