Travel Delays and Plans Changed. +Beer and Boardgames

I’ve been traveling for comedy a bunch in the last 5 days.  So much so, that a couple of things got shoved to the back burner.

My promise to myself (now broken… don’t worry, I’ll take me back.) was to post something on this site every weekday.  Entertain whoever is reading this, even if it’s just a little bit of entertaining.   It’s the travel that shot that down for Monday and Tuesday this week.  For whoever’s reading this…. sorry.   I’ll redouble my efforts.

In the past 5 days, another thing really clogged me up from posting here.  This damnable Write a Novel Month of November!  I started late with a new novel idea called “Cupid” … something about Cupid being a real person, and unable to find love for himself.  I had a brief flurry of excitement and beginnings of writings.  But, for those who’ve done bigger projects you know how all too often those first heady days of excitement quickly cool off.  Just like real life love and relationships, I suppose.

On Saturday afternoon I beat myself in the head and hovered my fingers over the keyboard for a good 3 hours and produced maybe half a page.   What I produced was so bad, I may have to create a new category on this site “False Starts”.   Anyway, between the bloom coming off the rose of the idea for “Cupid”, the travel disrupting my already tenuous schedule, and starting the novel 5 days into the month… I have decided to abandon that project.

Sorry.   If you were reading and were really excited for the next chapter, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to appease your need.

The other thing that’s popped up is a return of my editor for the upcoming novel “Cards with the Devil”.  If you haven’t heard about him he is an amazingly thorough editor… frankly, almost pathological in his need to correct error.  Which is too bad for him, but works well for me.  He had been out of touch for a month or so, and the project seemed stalled.

He has now returned!  So, I’ve got new pages to fix and things are moving along again on that project.   I’ll post the first chapter here in the next couple days… but only if I get 10 people to ask for it.  That’s right.  10 people.  Just leave a comment here.  Is this bribery?  Extortion?  Desperation?  I’ll let you be the judge.

One of the reasons I was on the road was to go to Madison to record a new show “Rated RPG” with my good friends, Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda, and Tony Mayer.   We play a Doctor Who role playing game, and it’s pretty funny.  It should be up on YouTube within the month.

I’ve been working with Matt and Aaron for the past couple of years on their other ongoing YouTube series “Beer and Boardgames”  I plan to post each of my appearances on that show here.   This one below is the second half of the first night that I did one of these shows.   This episode feature Matt and myself as well as the multi-talented, and very funny Jason Stephens and Sean Moore.  We come up with a catchy song about Casinos.



9 thoughts on “Travel Delays and Plans Changed. +Beer and Boardgames”

  1. Hi Mike. I like your site but don’t in general comment much. So “Comment!” P.S I talk sexy to fresh baked bread all the time.

  2. aww I was looking forward to Cupid ch. 3. I was thinking it was going to be commentary kind of thing on different ways of looking at love/lust. I hope you come back to it as some point but in the mean time keep up with what you’re doing, it’s great!

  3. I have been waiting for Cards with the Devil since before I heard about it on Critic Egan’s podcast! Also, I LOVE this episode of B&B. Whale Meth, Pizza Factory overhead, “Go To Casino, Spend All Your Money”, “You don’t slow clap Christopher Walken” and “Not everything needs to have a song about it” are just some of the highlights. *covers mouth* Blood diamonds.

  4. Thank you everyone. “Cupid” is shelved for the time being, but it’s all for the best. It’s not gone, and if you’ve been following this site you’ll see that I’ve already started putting up an alternative for you.

    However, I didn’t get 10 comments on this post, so I can’t give you the first chapter of “Cards with the Devil” yet. Soon though… soon.

  5. Ok, this makes just ONE more comment needed (if Mike is so gracious as to count his own… cheating, I know.)!

    Mike, you already know my opinion about Cupid (still bummed about that but I’d rather it grow organically than have you force it to appease the reader), so there’s that.

    Just wanted to drop this note that whenever my roommate (who turned me onto B&BG) and I go to the casino it is pretty much the anthem that is sung all the way there during the car ride. We change the lyrics a bit as a good luck charm (rarely works) of course. On the way back, lyrics usually resume as normal.

    Our house “vocabulary and phrases” – a secret language if you will, is regularly used in our house and includes many references made by you and your talented crew.

    Keep being awesome!


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