Dream Interpretation and a Song

I had a dream last night.  Well, technically I have dreams every night.  Did you know that?  That everyone has like 5 – 8 dreams every night, but we barely remember them at all.  You’ve got to be waken up during it to remember.  Fun fact.  Keep reading for more fun facts.

Did you know that you’re everyone and everything in your dreams?  If you’re being chased by a bear, you’re you and and you’re the bear, you’re also the swamp full of pudding that you get sucked into while being chased.  If you realize this while you’re dreaming (that’s called lucid dreaming, btw) then you can do all sorts of neat things.  Be the bear.  Be the swamp.  Fly away.  Whatever.  It’s fun.

Want to know how to interpret your dreams?  Sure you do.  Everyone does.  Those dream interpretation books that tell you that images of your teeth falling out means fear of whatever… those books are bologna.  Dream images don’t mean the same thing for everyone.  That’d be weird.  It’d be like saying everyone likes cherry pie.  Most people do, but not everyone.

The reason I know about this is because I wrote a play called “DreamBound” about a guy who’s stuck inside his own dreams.  It’s a musical.  There’s the link to a song from the musical below.   I did some research and read some books.  So, here’s my summary of what I’ve learned.

Mike’s short version of How To Interpret Your Dreams:

First, it’s important to note that dreams are your subconscious brain trying to figure out this thing called life.  It’s a lot to take in… life.  I remember when my daughter was first born, she used to take naps then wake up and look around and freak out.  It’s a big confusing world, and our brains do the best they can to figure it out.  In dreams you’re brain can work without outside distractions.  However, the subconscious brain don’t talk to you the way you talk when awake.  It talks in images and dynamic action.  It’s doing it’s best, and just wants to help.  So, it’s a good idea to listen to it.

I believe the way one book put it was, and I’m paraphrasing here; Dreams are a helpful note from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

Now, first thing, start writing down your dreams.  Keep paper and pen near your bed and when you wake up from one, write it down.  Write as much detail as fast as you can.  Don’t edit, don’t think about it, just write it down.  Then, go back to sleep… you’re probably tired.

In the morning take a look at what you wrote.   Now, here’s the tricky part, since your brain talks to you in images, you have to interpret them into something that you understand.   So, take the page and remove all the nouns.  Make a list of them on the side.  Then, separate of your dream, write down what each now means to you.  So, for example:  “Brick”  That means solid foundation, old and sturdy.  At least to me.  Maybe to you it means breaking windows, or that song She’s a Brick…. Haus!.   Whatever it means to you.  (This is why dream interpretation books are bologna)

Next step.  Put the phrases you replaced the nouns with back into the original dream you wrote down.  And Voila!  You’ve got your dream interpretation.  So, for example, it might read:  I saw a solid foundation, old and sturdy fly through a fragile magical opening to the world and break it.  (previously, “I saw a brick fly through a window and break it.”).  Simple.  Right?

It takes some time, and the longer the dream the longer the interpretation.  But, as you do it more, you’ll see patterns.  Recurring dreams and themes.  Knowing that it’s your brain trying to help you and talk to you means that recurring dreams are things that your subconscious brain is pretty sure your conscious brain needs to think about and figure out.   So pay close attention to recurring dreams.

That was fun, right?  Oh, my dream last night was about my ex-wife and a garage full of gold coins.  Also, I’ve got a recurring theme of cock-blocking myself.  But, I’ll save the interpretation of all that for another time.

Meanwhile, enjoy some music.  This is a song from “DreamBound” called “The Moment Before We Kissed”  Lyrics by me, music and singing by Jon Roberts.



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    • Thank you. Glad you liked it. There’s a sad sister version of the song “The Moment of Our Last Kiss” that I’ll be posting soon. Tell your friends, wake the neighbors.


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