“Green Green Glow”

This is another song from “DreamBound” (to read more about “DreamBound” and hear other songs, go here: “DreamBound”)

This song was initially written while I was lost walking around New York City. I’m told it’s impossible to get lost in New York City because the streets and avenues are numbered very logically, but those diagonal streets still mess me up. Anyway, I finally found a subway platform, they’re marked with these green or red lights… like these 648px-168th_st_subway


When I saw this in the distance, I was so happy I started to sing a little song in my head (“There is a green green glow, in the still dark night.” etc.) Originally it sounded like a Tom Waits slow ballad in my head, but it evolved from there.

Another line from the song came from a different subway adventure in Chicago. Lost again, and looking for Millennium Park, I finally came out of the station at the right place and the line “It’s like coming home to a place I’ve never been.” popped into my head.

The song ended up being a love ballad from a woman to a man. The recording here is, once again, a Jon Roberts composition. He’s also the one singing. He also did a fancy digital trick to sing a duet with himself as a girl. You should check his stuff out too at: www.jonathonroberts.com




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