It was 20 years ago today….

Well, not quite. A little more than 20 years… missed it by a couple weeks. Anyway, way back in February of 1995 a recent graduate of St. Norbert College (that’s me!) had his first full length play produced. The original title was “Dill”. I believe this is also the first full length directing job by … Read more


“Green Green Glow”

This is another song from “DreamBound” (to read more about “DreamBound” and hear other songs, go here: “DreamBound”) This song was initially written while I was lost walking around New York City. I’m told it’s impossible to get lost in New York City because the streets and avenues are numbered very logically, but those diagonal … Read more



One of the best things about being a writer is quoting yourself. If done right, and people recognize it as a some sort of quote but don’t know it was you who originated it, you’ll seem brilliant. You can’t quote it wrong because you wrote it. If anything you just did a quick re-edit of … Read more


First full length play

Lustful Youth  This is the first full length play that I ever finished and had produced.  I originally wrote it way back in 1992, which is a Long time ago!  It’s undergone many revisions and edits and at one point was completely torn apart (figuratively) and I rewrote the whole re-imagined thing by hand. I’m proud … Read more