Hug Blog Day #10: Hug Styles

As the word has spread about this Hug Project, people have been approaching me more and more and initiating hugs. That’s been nice, but I hope it’s not just a passing fad.

Wednesdays – Saturdays I’ve been hitting way over the 5 hugs a day mark, so even with the lower counts on previous days, I think I’m averaging out to 5.

Had a discussion with Nik Corsten Wednesday night on Hug Method. I usually go with the angled hug. Right arm over the person’s shoulder, left arm around their side. If the person hugs back in a similar way we match up. Sometimes, if it’s a shorter person they’ll go with both arms under which changes up the dynamic, and then I end up with both arms over. However, I’ll still come in at an angle and adjust.

I’m tall, so rarely do I get the other person hugging over me. Or maybe it does happen often… I don’t know I hadn’t thought about it much before.

What does your Hug Style say about you? Perhaps it says something about the dynamic between the two people. What style hug do you do? Does it change from person to person? If you do the “Angled Hug” (one arm over shoulder other arm around side) do you lead with your left arm or right arm? Is that determined by which hand is dominate?

So many questions.


3 thoughts on “Hug Blog Day #10: Hug Styles”

  1. Interesting! I often go with both arms over with people substantially taller than me, largely because it avoids the potential shoulder to my windpipe discomfort (which is not uncommon). I also like to drag them down to my own level, but that’s a different issue.

    • My initial thought was that when someone does the arms over hug is that it’s a dominance sort of thing. Probably subconscious.

      • Interesting. I joke about dragging people down to my level, but I actually feel at my most vulnerable when both arms are up because my whole torso is open. Something, something, chakras, something…


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