Hug Blog Day #11: Becoming the Hug-Hub

Got more than the quota of hugs for the day. Recorded a podcast (in front of a live studio audience) and discussed this Hug Blog. On the topic of depression, I’ve found that I’m much less depressed than I am on average. I’ve also discovered that I have more *time*! I realized that I’ve previously wasted time being depressed. Time I would was staring at the computer screen doing something to waste my time or distract me from depression. These moments, at their worst, would involve me distracting myself, but also just delving deeper and deeper into depression. Getting teary eyed. Self-judgmental, etc. etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I still get depressed, or down or the blues or whatever you want to call it. But, it’s power over me is noticeably weaker.

I brought this up to the guy whose podcast I was on (Scott Roemaat… “Scott Ruins Your Podcast”) because I know Scott continues to struggle with depression. I told the audience to hug him after the show. Scott got 4 or 5 hugs. I hope it had a similar effect on him as it has on me. If you see or know Scott give him a hug.

He’s said, previously, that he DOES NOT like hugs. However, he took them all. I’m going to go with the idea that he doesn’t like them because he’s not used to them. There’s also the thing about hugs not actually solving depression, but they don’t make it worse, so I don’t see how they can harm.

After the show, a could of young ladies that I know swung by the bar. They were at an exciting lecture about race relations in the area and took the moment to come by the bar to get a hug from me. I absolutely LOVE that people would seek me out for a hug. I can’t go looking for all of them. C’mon people!

Anyway, it was Rachel Cohen and Jen Schanen. Rachel confessed to me that she’s a “superfan” of this blog. Which is …. it’s really cool.

Give hugs to Scott. Seek me out and give me a hug. Hug other people you know.



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