“Orson” Chapter 2

To call this a “chapter” is generous.  It’s only a page long.  But, hey, who says how long a chapter has to be?  I like to read Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  and many of his later books have chapters that are only a paragraph long, or a sentence even… not that I’m comparing myself to Kurt Vonnegut… just sayin’.

Anyway.  Chapter 2 of “Orson” introduces the second character of Jack Flannery.  A male empowerment self-help book writer and motivational speaker.  He’s kind of a jerk.  Between the first two characters (Orson and Jack) you can pretty much see the spectrum of me as a person… in that, I’m not either of them, but I fall somewhere between them.

Enjoy.  And, if you are enjoying, please spread the word.  Fiction is the best gift you can give someone.  And this is free!



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