“Orson” Chapter 3 and web-site things I’ve noticed

It’s been a dangerous week for slipping into the depression hole.  Winter’s cold and dark are starting to hit me hard.  Finances are always tenuous, but the beginning of the month is always a little extra tenuous.  So, my terrible way of dealing with this?  Drink a little more wine, don’t shave my face, and don’t update this web-site.   Brilliant, Eserkaln, just brilliant.

What I’ve noticed when I don’t post things regularly on this site, may be obvious to an outside observer, but it’s interesting to see it day by day.  I can see how many people visit my site.  I’ve no idea how or why they find themselves here on any particular day.  But, they do.  When I don’t post anything, for days even, I still get people checking the site out.  When I do post something, I get about twice as many.  When I drop a name or reference to Beer and Boardgames, or Matt Sloan, it doubles yet again.

I can see where my bread is currently buttered.

There’s a couple of things I really want to do with this site, but damn if my own brain gets in the way…. sigh.  But, no one wants to hear about that!  Let’s move on!  Let’s cheer this fucker up!   Let’s get chapter 3 of “Orson” up!

What I’ve found in posting these is that I’ve improved as a writer in the past 3 – 5 years.  As I post each entry, I go through and edit them.  This one was particularly terribly written.  If you look at it now and say “well, this is currently terribly written.”  Well, first off, you should have seen it before I posted it.  Secondly… what?  Are you complaining about the quality of the free fiction you’re reading?  I’m not making you read this!  In fact… I don’t even know why we’re fighting.  This is a monologue currently…so I must’ve been the one to start picking the fight.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, baby.  Please take me back.  It’s cold outside, baby.  Don’t leave me like this.  I’ll take you out to dinner, you know that nice place you’re always talking about.  That place where they got the nice linen napkins on the table. You can wear that green dress of yours.  We can go dancing, baby.  Don’t make me beg.

Sorry about that… I got carried away.    And now, chapter 3:




3 thoughts on ““Orson” Chapter 3 and web-site things I’ve noticed”

  1. Brilliant description of a mild anxiety attack. Spot on with the ‘remembering to breathe’ thought process… I say this from experience.

    Looking forward to 4.

  2. I feel ya on the depression setting in. I like coming to your site even when you aren’t posting things. I think I’ve listened to the Mr. Koon story at least a dozen times 🙂 looking forward to more Orson!


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