“Orson” Chapter 8

Here we meet a new couple of characters and hear about two other new characters. If you haven’t read the other chapters, you can catch up here: “Orson” The chapters are typically only a page or two long, so it shouldn’t take too long to catch up. Or, if you’re a really cool person you’re already caught up and here’s the new one…. and you’re cool… officially… do you want a ribbon or something?

Orson Chapter 8


10 thoughts on ““Orson” Chapter 8”

  1. Now that you mention it… Where the hell is my ribbon?! Pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s caught up. People should speak up if they want their damn ribbons too!

  2. Keep in mind that we’re all reading these every week or sometimes every few weeks (depending on postings). Because of this, it took me a moment to realize that Rainbow is the missing girl (yes, I know that he name is mentioned), the girl is who is boarding the plane and now the girl who is being mentioned in this latest chapter.

    Since some of the chapters aren’t explicitly connected to others, my brain goes into reading them not expecting the traditional way to read (that each chapter is a continuation of the last).

    Therefore, it took me a minute to realize that I had read about the same person and their story from three different perspectives and it suddenly became exciting!

    • I forget that you folks don’t know what I know. Yeah, they chapters are happening (mostly) at the same time. Glad you’ve puzzled it out.

  3. Not that it wasn’t exciting to begin with… If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t keep coming back and reading the new installments as soon as I have a free minute.

    Reading a story like this is kind of like a game. Great idea! But, you already knew that. 🙂

    • I honestly don’t know. I scanned ahead to the ending of the original draft… it’s 119 pages. To put that in perspective, what I’ve posted online here has been pages 1-11. In scanning then ending though, I see that some of the later chapters are rambling notes. There also appears to be repeated chapters like I copied and pasted a couple too many times.
      I also don’t remember where the plot was when I stopped writing.

      So, short answer, I don’t know.


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