The Professor

This is a painting I did a couple of years back. It’s been hanging in my club since then. People seem to like it a lot and often ask if they can buy it… the answer so far has been “no.” However, now I’ve made a copy of it and can make prints. I don’t know how much they’ll cost yet, but if you want one ask and I’ll figure out the price.

I imagine you could just lift this one from the site and make your own print, however, it’s not going to be of very good quality. In fact, it took me an hour to figure out how to post this here…. loyal readers will know that pdf., jpeg. and other image things are not my friend.

Soon I’ll have a separate tab on the side over there for paintings. I’ve got a couple available, but they’re just on this blog post. Once again, loyal readers, you get to see this site improve with age… like a wine, or a cheese, or… sausage? You can get aged meats… are they better? Don’t know.. someone research that for me.

Meanwhile, “The Professor”. Yes, it is Gene Wilder from “Young Frankenstein”. I grabbed the image from the movie, and printed a small version of it. Then gridded it out, and drew a larger version on canvas. Then picked the colors and made some artistic choices changing black and white tones to clear cut colors. The original canvas is 16″x20″. Prints can be made the same size, or larger or small, on canvas, or on poster… or really, anything you want. If/when I do make prints, I’ll probably only do a limited run and they’ll be numbered and signed, so you can feel super special. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Feeling super special.



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