Orson Chapter 9

On the one hand, these chapters are short, so they don’t take much time to read. On the other hand, they’re short and if I keep posting them weekly we’ll get to the “end” (up to the part where I stopped writing) in about 3 years. If you’re an impatient sort, you have my sympathy. But, I can only write so fast. Also, the slow release does make it more likely that I’ll get around to actually writing the ending…. which is always the risk you’re taking by reading this.

In other news, tonight I’ll be participating in another 24 Hour Theatre production. So, sometime early next week I should have another short script for your enjoyment. Wish me luck.

Oh, also, I’ve decided to bundle the “Orson” chapters in groups of 10 for your reading convenience, so that’ll happen in the next week ‘er so.

Orson Chapter 9


3 thoughts on “Orson Chapter 9”

  1. God, I hate that guy. Reminds me of that PU Artist that was on MTV back in the early 2000’s. The one that wore that top hat like a poor man’s Jamiroquoi…

    Guys like that ruin men like Orson. Heh.


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